Bowers Microgauge Single Sets

Bore Gauges

2 Point Bore Gauging up to 10.35mm

The MicroGauge 2-point bore gauging system has been designed specifically for the measurement of small bores between 1.0-10.0mm. Featuring a digital readout and extremely compact overall dimensions, the MicroGauge is truly a pocket-sized instrument.

The digital readout and measuring head together are about the same size and format as a ballpoint pen which represents a big advantage for those needing to measure small precision parts and who need to have their gauge with them all the time. The clear LCD display is easily set using only two buttons and results are shown with switchable 0.01/0.001/0.0005mm resolution. Data transfer is via Proximity-RS232 or Proximity-USB output. The measuring heads are equipped with spherical hard-chromed contact points and are set in appropriate setting rings. Like all Bowers bore gauging products the MicroGauge system is available as individual instruments or as full sets. All setting rings are supplied as standard with UKAS certification.

These sets include a head, cone, readout and setting ring.

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Product Overview

Product Code Description
MGS11 Bowers Microgauge, 0.95-1.15mm
MGS12 Bowers Microgauge, 1.07-1.25mm
MGS13 Bowers Microgauge, 1.17-1.35mm
MGS14 Bowers Microgauge, 1.27-1.45mm
MGS15 Bowers Microgauge, 1.37-1.55mm
MGS16 Bowers Microgauge, 1.50-1.90mm
MGS17 Bowers Microgauge, 1.8-2.20mm
MGS18 Bowers Microgauge, 2.05-2.45mm
MGS19 Bowers Microgauge, 2.25-2.75mm
MGS20 Bowers Microgauge , 2.5-3.0mm
MGS21 Bowers Microgauge , 2.75-3.25mm
MGS22 Bowers Microgauge, 3.0-3.5mm
MGS23 Bowers Microgauge, 3.25-3.75mm
MGS24 Bowers Microgauge, 3.50-4.0mm
MGS25 Bowers Microgauge , 3.75-4.25mm
MGS26 Bowers Microgauge, 3.65-4.35mm
MGS27 Bowers Microgauge , 4.15-4.85mm
MGS28 Bowers Microgauge , 4.65-5.35mm
MGS29 Bowers Microgauge , 5.15-5.85mm
MGS30 Bowers Microgauge, 6.15-6.85mm
MGS31 Bowers Microgauge, 6.15-6.85mm
MGS32 Bowers Microgauge, 6.65-7.35mm
MGS33 Bowers Microgauge, 7.15-7.85mm
MGS34 Bowers Microgauge, 7.65-8.35mm
MGS35 Bowers Microgauge, 8.15-8.85mm
MGS36 Bowers Microgauge, 8.65-9.35mm
MGS37 Bowers Microgauge, 9.15-9.85mm
MGS38 Bowers Microgauge, 9.65-10.35mm

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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