Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescope

Visual Inspection

Prism Tipped Borescope with Fixed 30° DoV The forward oblique, 30° direction-of-view (DoV) of Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescopes deliver greater depth perception than either 0° or 90° DOV scopes. Additionally, the wide 70° field-of-view gives the viewer a much broader and more versatile view of the subject. The prism optics in Hawkeye borescopes represent our very latest optical design: great image quality at hundreds less than comparable scopes! With an Independent Focusing Ring this endoscope is superbly adapted for video inspection.

Product Overview

Field of View Diameter Length DOV Rotation
70° 4.20mm 180, 305, 435mm 30° Yes

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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