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Surface Roughness

The constant technological progress of measuring devices often leads to the obsolescence of these instruments that, even if still efficient and accurate in their mechanics, are old in terms of electronics and especially with regards to the interface software intended for the operator.

In these cases, a valid alternative instead of purchasing a new device, is to perform a Retrofit of the instrument. Through an interface kit, the mechanical and operational part of the original machine is kept, while PC controls and program are replaced with more recent applications, thus restoring the machine.

There are two types of retrofit that can be matched to a roughness tester; the first consists in connecting Profile Studio software for profile analyses to the original electronics with roughness module, while the second consists in replacing the management electronics as well, with one of latest generation. The last solution is adopted on extremely old devices or when failures on the existing electronics cannot be repaired.

The main feature of the retrofit kit is the Profile Studio software that allows to carry out all types of analyses and characterizations of the measured profile, which were unthinkable before with the old software, for example, on the same profile, it is possible to obtain the roughness analysis on an area and the geometric sizing of another.

Moreover, thanks to sophisticated internal algorithms, the updated profilometer improves accuracies since the software is able to pattern and therefore correct systematic measurement errors.

The retrofit of an old roughness tester can be considered an excellent alternative instead of purchasing a new instrument, because with a limited expense, you can restore an instrument that will be comparable with a new one, once updating is completed.

It is also possible to request the cleaning and complete inspection of the mechanical part of the instrument, performed by highly qualified staff.

Product Overview

Manufacturer Model Notes
MAHR PRK Matched to RTP80 or Profile Studio Software
TAYLOR-HOBSON TALYSURF, TALYSURF 10, TALYSURF 50, TALYSURF 120 With and without motorized column
Accretech Surfcom Flex
Hommel LV50

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