R500 Roundness Tester

Roundness Measurement

R500 roundness tester is located at the top of machines for the characterization of revolution surfaces in the world panorama for what concerns the maximum dimensions of the object that can be measured; born from the thirty year experience that SM has in this field, it has been designed to measure bulky and heavy pieces, maintaining high accuracies.

R500 features 3 metrological axes, pneumostatically supported, for measurement and positioning, which ensure fluent movements without frictions and remarkable sturdiness of the entire system.

The flagship application of R500 is the characterization of bulky particulars in the energy sector (turbines, compressors, bearings) where all the essential characteristics for the final quality of the product must be determined.

The motorized plate allows the automatic centering of the piece, executed with a procedure inside the Circom software.

Product Overview

Pneumostatic plate: Platform diameter: 650 mm, Expansion diameter: 1200 mm, Maximum measurable diameter: 1300 mm, Axial bearing capacity: 1500 kg, Radial run-out (at plate level): ≤0,1 μm, Speed: 0,25 – 3 rpm (measurement) 0 – 6 rpm (positioning), Friction: Pneumostatic due to manual rotation, Centring range: ±5 mm with automatic cycle, Levelling range: ± 1°, Resolution: 0,009° (40k pts/rev)
Pneumostatic R axis: Useful traverse length:650 mm, Linearity:≤ 0,5 μm su 500 mm, Speed:0,2 – 10 mm/s, Resolution:1 μm
C axis (Column with recirculating ball guides): Useful traverse length:900 mm, Maximum height: 600 mm (from plate surface), Linearity error: ≤ 0,5 μm on 500 mm, Speed: 0,5 – 15 mm/s, Resolution0,1 μm
Pick-up: Measurement positioning: In three positions (internal, external, lateral), Measurement strength: Internal/external 20 – 150 mN, Measurement range: ±1000 μm, Supplied pick-ups: N° 3 two-directional with 8 mm ruby sphere

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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