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Contour Measurement

Profile Studio Software is the latest program conceived for the characterization of micro and macro aspects of surfaces, and more in details, it allows to analyse the surface roughness and geometries of the pieces being tested.

Thanks to the modern conception and development with the latest implementation platforms such as framework .NET, it is easy to use and allows to train technicians within a short time.

The philosophy that led to the development of this program is simple ‘’All I need must be visible’’, thus eliminating the old concept of operations from control panel or articulated inside hidden menus.

The functions required for the characterization of the profile are all grouped in the right toolbar (arcs, lines, points, sizes) and divided into categories, each of different colour; on the left, the tree chart of already acquired profiles and the interface to control the instrument are shown on the left (tip's position, measurement, calibration set-up).

The CAD is highly advanced: all items are dynamic and can be edited after being input.

Through the Best Fit function, an arc or line can be designed on the profile with a simple click, because the minimum error area where to input it, is recognized automatically. Thanks to the self-comparing function, it is possible to reconstruct all dimensions and dimensional tolerances of a reference profile on a new profile, thus saving a considerable amount of time for checking the pieces of a same batch!

For more complex pieces, Profile Studio software allows to execute measurement cycles and therefore, obstacles are automatically overcome (grooves, shouldered parts), and the profile is reconstructed at the end of the measurement.

New dimensions and roughness analyses can be input on the same profile and displayed on the same screen, in order to allow the operator to carry out a complete analysis of the piece, with one single measurement.

The database featured in the Profile Studio software, allows to store measurements in an orderly fashion, ensuring traceability of the single piece through the code and production batch. Moreover, it is possible to perform statistical analyses on the data uploaded in the database, calculating statistic parameters like standard deviation, mean value, maximum and minimum value, and to visualize the distribution and value trend graph.

The roughness parameters are elaborated according to the most recent standards like ISO 4287, ISO 13565-1 and -2, ISO 12085, VDA 2007 for a total of 70 parameters calculated.

Product Overview

Code Description
1.403 Lite Version
1.404 Full Version

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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