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Surface Roughness

Measurement Studio program was conceived as external interface for the elaboration of data measured by portable SM roughness testers, and specifically, it can be connected to: RT10, RT10G, RTP80 and RT90. Thanks to the use of simple and clear icons, the operator is assisted in using all storing, checking and statistic functions on the measured data.

The main functions of Measurement Studio software are: - Possibility to remotely launch the measurement through PC and request data from the roughness tester. - Download the stored data in the instrument’s internal memory and file it in the PC - Organize the measurements within a database, according to codes, measurement sessions, operators. - Preconfigure a specific set of measurement parameters for each code, in order to remotely set-up the instrument according to the piece to be measured, thus saving measurement set-ups, tolerances and system’s variables. - Visualize the measurement results in graphs or tables, selecting the parameters and graphs to check the roughness profile, waviness, primary profile, bearing capacity curve and main waviness, with a simple click. - Perform statistical analyses on a specific set of measurements or on the entire batch, to identify the statistical analyses of that value, on each single roughness parameter. - Print the measurement reports, roughness, waviness, primary profile, bearing capacity curve graphs, and statistical analysis reports in A4 format.

All reports can be personalized and edited, to ensure utmost flexibility.

Two versions of the Measurement Studio software are available:

- Measurement Studio Lite version (code 1.403) that allows to connect to roughness testers RT10 and RT10G.

- Measurement Studio Full version (code 1.404) that allows to connect to all manufactured roughness testers (RT10- RT10G - RT90 – RTP80) and, compared to the Lite version, it allows to perform analyses on parameters and waviness profile (if it can be calculated) and the parameters indicated in VDA 2007 standard, determining the main waviness.

Product Overview

Code Description
1.403 Lite Version
1.404 Lite Version

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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