Optimax Inspekto

Visual Inspection

Revolutionary, low cost, dynamic AI guided visual inspection.

The Inspekto combines cutting-edge hardware and software, to provide AI-driven industrial visual quality & production inspection. Easy to use and integrate into production this system will revolutionalise inspection, can be used inline or near production.

AI capabilities recognise the characteristics of a good part, or bad part. The system is taught after analysing just a few good parts, it builds intelligence with the addition of more. Critically, defective parts are not mandatory for the setup. The system picks up defects that the human eye may miss, highly sensitive, the system identifies defects vs permissible variations, in multiple regions of interest. This means your visual inspection is fast, accurate and robust.

The Inspekto has outstanding image and automatic light control, through a patent-pending anti-reflection technology, that eliminates reflection. This improves the quality of inspection for both stationary and moving parts, as the electro-optic parameters are automatically adjusted. The inbuilt AI software is based on 3 synergetic engines: Acquisition, Recognition, and Inspection.

1: Acquisition
The AI software self-sets up the optic parameters per a specific user case. The software then self-adjusts during the runtime to mitigate changes in production. The optimized image is then developed and live streamed to the recognition and inspection engines.
2: Recognition
The system recognizes and detects rigid objects of nearly any shape or size. One reference image is sufficient for detection of defects. The recognition of a defect or fault can be carried out in a variety of locations and rotations. The system then self-triggers or can be triggered externally.

3: Inspection
The software requires a few ‘good’ parts to set up processing. Defected parts can be added to the software to enhance performance of the system. The system understands tolerances and physical attributes and what is a permittable defect without prior training. The inspection engine develops ongoing improvements through AI ‘deep’ learning.

The Inspekto is completely different in its approach, the best of both worlds, human-like flexibility, alongside machine accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Call us today for a demonstration or to find out how this system will improve your operational efficiency and accuracy.

Product Overview

AI scope End to end from image capture through part recognition and defect detection to real time reporting
Image capturing Dynamically adjusts the electro optics system to acquire the best image
Part recognition Automatic independent recognition; doesn’t require trigering
Inspection Small amount of OK images. Specific defect sensitivity
Deployment simplicity No on-site training process, no expert required, requires low amount of data
Lifecycle performance control Autonomous performance optimization by active recommendations engine

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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