Starrett HF600 Horizontal Profile Projector

Profile Projectors

High Capacity, Floor Standing Projector

The easy to use and versatile HF600 Profile Projector features a motorised precision workstage and 150kg workstage capacity that provides flawless performance across the full measuring range at all magnifications.

Designed to accommodate a large variety of work pieces accross a wide spectrum of industry it delivers optimum performance from standards room to workshop. An effective metrology instrument, useful for a broad range of quality control application, from examining CNC machined parts to die extruded plastics.

Product Overview

Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View Max. Comp Weight Diameter
5x 220mm 120mm 150kg 600mm
10x 138mm 60mm 150kg 600mm
20x 127mm 30mm 150kg 600mm
25x 103mm 24mm 150kg 600mm
50x 88mm 12mm 150kg 600mm
100x 44mm 6mm 150kg 600mm

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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