Mantis Compact - Bench Magnifier / Microscope

Visual Inspection

Mantis Compact is a high value, low investment stereo viewer. This outstanding bench microscope really excels in the low magnification range for inspection and manipulation tasks where bench magnifiers have traditionally been used.

It's patented optical technology allows operators sit more comfortably, wear glasses and have freedom of head movement for superb ergonomics, reduced eye fatigue and better hand to eye coordination.

This makes it ideal for use in industry and manufacturing, where these benefits translate into real improvements in productivity and efficiency for your business.

Product Overview

Lens Mag Working Distance Field of View
x2 167mm 45mm
x4 96mm 27.5mm
x6 73mm 19.2mm
x8 58.5mm 14.3mm

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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