Tomelleri SPACE Portable Measuring Arm

Measuring Arms

The SPACE portable articulated arms are ideal for the quick and accurate inspection of any parts within its range boasting maximum reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in use.

The counter-balance system with double spring mechanism means that the SPACE range of arms are light-weight and so easier to manoeuvre during the measurement of components.

The high repeatability probe mount, ensures easy switching from one probe configuration to another - the system automatically recognizes the type and parameters of the probe in use.

The SPACE arm is the entry-level version of SPACE Plus arm with light-weight electronics, no electromagnetic brake and available only in 6 axes configuration. Touch trigger probe, "floating" probe and laser forks can be quickly interchanged thanks to a high precision mount.

Sold as a complete inspection package, every Tomelleri arm purchased from ECG Gauging is supplied with a Windows 10 laptop, Aberlink 3D measurement software for articulating arms and includes installation and training.

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£ £19,750.00 Ex VAT

Product Overview

Model Measuring Range Volumetric Accuracy Point Repeatability Weight (kg)
SPACE 1.8 1800mm 0.025 0.018 7.9
SPACE 2.5 2500mm 0.036 0.022 8.4
SPACE 3.2 3200mm 0.045 0.032 8.8
SPACE 4.0 4000mm 0.060 0.040 9.5

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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