Tomelleri EXPLORER Portable Measuring Arm

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The Tomelleri Engineering EXPLORER measuring arm is the result of many years experience in large volume metrology.

With an impressive measuring range of upto 9.0m and with incredible accuracy of 0.1mm per point, the unique EXPLORER portable arm is ideal for the measurement of large components that other equipment can't reach, all while offering incredible accuracy and performance.

The EXPLORER arm is perfect for the rapid touch probe inspection of large parts where you may need to "explore" big parts with greater flexibility or when the part is simply too heavy to move around.

Featuring an electromagnetic brake, the EXPLORER allows the operator to lock the second axis at the required height and use the arm safely and comfortably.

Sold as a complete inspection package, every Tomelleri arm purchased from ECG Gauging is supplied with a Windows 10 laptop, Aberlink 3D measurement software for articulating arms and includes installation and training.

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Product Overview

Model Range Volumetric Accuracy Point Repeatability Weight (kg)
EXPLORER 5.0 – 6 axes 5000mm 0.065 0.038 12.5
EXPLORER 7.0 – 6 axes 7000mm 0.080 0.048 14.0
EXPLORER 9.0 – 6 axes 9000mm 0.150 0.075 16.5
EXPLORER 5.0 – 7 axes 5000mm 0.075 0.050 13.5
EXPLORER 7.0 – 7 axes 7000mm 0.090 0.060 15.0
EXPLORER 9.0 – 7 axes 9000mm 0.170 0.090 17.5

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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