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with Mahr’s future-focused contour evaluation software.

The MarSurf XC 2 provides you with everything you need to move into Mahr’s top-flight contour metrology. This PC-based unit supplies all the required contour measurement and evaluation features both in the inspection room and on the shop floor.
Clear, well-arranged icons and straightforward aids to operation make this practical product easy to use. The MarSurf XC 2 is the fruit of decades of contour metrology experience combined with up-to-the-minute, forward-looking technology.
Mahr’s expertise in the world of contour measurement and evaluation is presented by the MarSurf XC2 and XC 20 pc-based stationary measuring systems. The attached technical brochure outlines the specification of each system, and the options that are available.

Features of the contour measuring software are as follows:
* Creates regression straight lines and circles
* Creates points, intersection points, free points, centre points, maximum points and minimum points
* Creates coordinate systems
* Determines radii, distances, angles, coordinates, and line form deviations
* Performs nominal/actual comparisons
* Tolerance monitoring
* Automatic program runs
*Imports profile data, e.g. DXF files

2.1.1. MarSurf XC2 Evaluation System (6268356) including:
* Midrange Standard control unit
* MarSurf XC 2 software (MarWin-based)
* MarSurf license key
*PC with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit (9054900)
* TFT 24” Monitor (3027221)
* Colour inkjet printer (5460030)
* MCP 23 manual control panel (7035195)

2.1.2. CD 120 Drive Unit (6720812):
* The CD 120 contour drive unit is a key component of the measuring station.
* Precise calculation of radii, distances, angles, and straightness largely depends on the quality and technical properties of the drive unit.
* The quiet drive, combined with the software supported error correction, ensures reproducible measurements with a high vertical and horizontal resolution

2.1.3. ST 500 Motorised Measuring Stand (6710250) includes:
*Granite base, 700 x 550 mm (L x W) and 3 off 10 mm T-slots
* Measuring column with motorised vertical adjustment over range of 500 mm
2.1.4. Contour Calibration Standard (6820124) included.

Case with accessories included.

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Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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