MICROTECH IP67 Wireless Caliper (Swiss Electronics)


MICROTECH manufacturing Wireless calipers with IP67 proof for data transfer to PC to Tablets.

Wireless calipers has higher accuracy than DIN862 request. These calipers has 150, 200, 300 mm (6, 8, 12 inch) ranges and has Swiss electronic measuring system with IP67 water proof. All MICROTECH calipers has hand finished measuring surfaces (Ra<0,32) and pass metrological control in ISO 17025 ilac accredited laboratory with no extra cost calibration certificate Wireless caliper has long range data transfer module. MICORTECH has free versions of application for Windows PC, Android and iOS phones and tablets. You can download MICROTECH MDS app from Link to MDS app's

Also available with carbide jaws. For additional information and competitive pricing, please contact our sales team.

Product Overview

Item No Range Resolution (mm) Accuracy (mm) Protection Price
141072192 0-150mm | 0-6" 0.01 ±20 IP67 £187.00
141072292 0-200mm | 0-8" 0.01 ±20 IP67 £275.00
141072392 0-300mm | 0-12" 0.01 ±30 IP67 £255.00

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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