Starrett HD400 Horizontal Profile Projector

Profile Projectors

Horizontal Bench Top Optical Profile Projector

The HD400 horizontal Profile Projector has greater X-axis measuring travel than the rest of the Starrett Profile Projector range, with dual lens slide and dual mirror design for a vertically correct image.

The HD400 horizontal projector is built to the same high mechanical standards as the rest of the Starrett range of profile projectors.

The HD400 Profile Projector can also run with the OV2 Optical Video Adapter to create a low cost video measuring machine.

An ideal piece of engineering inspection equipment for your metrology needs.

Product Overview

Lens Mag Working Distance Field of View Max Comp Weight Diameter
5x 135mm 80mm 50kg 400mm
10x 80mm 40mm 50kg 400mm
20x 76mm 20mm 50kg 400mm
25x 62mm 16mm 50kg 400mm
50x 50mm 8mm 50kg 400mm
100x 41mm 4mm 50kg 400mm

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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