Hawkeye Microflex Semi-Rigid Borescope

Visual Inspection

High Resolution Imagery for the Smallest of Openings
The Nitinol-sheathed Hawkeye MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescopes allows you to access even the smallest openings with a diameter of 0.9mm. Higher durability than rigid Endoscopes with a similar diameter, the MicroFlex Semi-Rigid has 10,000 fibre imaging bundles, are 150mm long, and offer 0° and 90° views.

This inspection equipment can be adapted for video inspection with the addition of the C-mount direct video adaptor that allows the endoscope to connect directly to any video camera with a C-mount such as the Sony XC-505.

This high resolution borescope is ideal for the aviation, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Product Overview

Field of View Diameter Length DOV
55° 0.9mm 150mm 0°, 90°

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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