Aberlink Axiom too CNC CMM


Fast, accurate and reliable, the Axiom too is the UKs best-selling CMM - available in four different sizes, Aberlinks Axiom too range of CMMs can be used with conventional touch-trigger probes, continuous contact scanning probes or with a non-contact CMM camera system.

Adaptive Precision

The all aluminium bridge structure not only ensures that the Axiom too has low inertia and high acceleration to get the job done quickly, but also that the temperature of the machine rapidly follows the temperature of the room, ideal when the CMM is not housed in a controlled environment. Temperature compensation in the software reports results as if they had been measured at 20°C/68°F.

Reliable Accuracy

The standard high-tech granite and aluminium table, originally developed for the optics industry, provides fantastic natural damping of high frequency vibration and the granite Y rail allows pre-loading of the bridge air bearings in both directions for superior accuracy.

Making Measurement Easy

Every Aberlink CMM is supplied with the industry standard Aberlink 3D measurement software. World renowned for its easy-to-use, yet powerful interface, Aberlink is the only leading CMM manufacturer to offer zero-cost annual software maintenance contracts or subscriptions and free software updates, including all major releases. This means cost of ownership is very low and ensuring rapid ROI.

Starting from:
£ £23,495.00 ex. VAT

Product Overview

Motion: CNC
Axis Travel (mm): X 640 | Y 600, 900, 1200, 1500 | Z 500
Accuracy: TP20 (2.4 + 0.4L/100) µm
Table: Honeycomb Aluminium & granite or solid granite
Load Capacity: 300kg (Honeycomb) or 500kg (Solid)
Max. Velocity Vector: 600mm/sec
Max. Acceleration Vector: 600mm/sec2

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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